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Our Services

At the Denture Health Care Centre, we have various treatments that are effective, readily available, and can make a major difference in your professional and personal life. We create specialized treatment plans for all of our patients' unique needs. 

Complete Dentures

Full Dentures serve to replace natural teeth in a full arch. Whether it is the upper, lower or both. At the Denture Health Care Centre our team of denturists take pride in providing you with a beautiful natural smile, improved function, and comfort so that you can once again smile with confidence. We have an in-house lab fitted with the latest technological equipment. Our patients enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere along with our dedication and attentive service.

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Partial Dentures


There are two types of removable partial dentures. Cast partials and acrylic partials. The primary usage of these types of dentures is to fill the spaces where natural teeth are missing.  Not only do they improve chewing function but also help maintain the position of the remaining natural teeth. At the Denture Health Care Centre in Barrie, we use high quality teeth that are built in four layers for strength and appearance.  They are so natural looking that they become indistinguishable from other natural teeth, giving you a fluid natural look.   

More often than not, cast partials are the first choice for treatment as they are stronger, lighter, thinner and more hygienic. As well they are much more conducive to the health of the remaining natural teeth due to their inherent properties which lead to stability. Acrylic Partials are often used where there is an expectation that one or more natural teeth in the mouth may be lost in the near future. They often are called transitionary. It is easier to add a tooth or modify an acrylic partial denture. To determine which type is best for you, schedule a free consultation

Immediate Dentures

If you are displeased with your smile or have loose teeth which are becoming problematic in your ability to eat, immediate dentures may be the solution for you. When extractions of your natural teeth become unavoidable an immediate denture may be the solution for you. Immediate dentures are inserted right after the removal of your real teeth. Not only does that allow you to walk out of the office with a smile but as well the denture serves as what I can describe as a bandage for the gums underneath, allowing the extraction site to heal quicker.

An image of Immediate Dentures

Often, immediate dentures can be converted into the final denture. Over the first 3-12 months the bone and tissue in your mouth will heal and resorb. A relining or a refitting of the denture base to your current tissue shape is all that may be needed

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Implant Dentures

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Dental implants are metal anchors that your dentist surgically positions into the jawbone. These implants are then used to mount replacement teeth. Since implants are fused into the jawbone, they help support any artificial teeth securely. Just like with different dentures, implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and types. Implant dentures improve the quality of life of the denture wearers. The most significant improvement with implants is the confidence to laugh, sneeze and cough without any embarrassment. 

Implants are small titanium posts that are placed inside the gums and adhere to the bone. The denture clicks into place over the implants and securely stays in place. Conventional dentures do not prevent bone resorption and are not as secure. Also implants improve eating and increase chewing power similar to natural teeth. Denture implants are strongly recommended for lower dentures to prevent the denture from floating when speaking or eating.


Relines & Soft Liners

Denture Relining is a procedure that is  recommended should be done every two to four years. Is your denture feeling not quite as snug or stable as it once was ? Are you finding that it is getting harder to chew or speak? Are you finding that you are now having to rely on Denture adhesives to keep your dentures in?  Or maybe you are experiencing more frequent sore spots on your gums that just don’t seem to completely heal . These are the signs that you may be in need of relining.  

An image of Soft Relines

Your jawbones are always changing and it is likely that a space has developed between the base of your dentures and your receding jaw bone. This might be the time for a reline or a new denture. Relining consists of adding new acrylic to the base material of your denture on the tissue side to fill the space where your bone has receded. In essence refitting your dentures to your current bone structure. The procedure is easy for the patient and typically can be done in two hours. At the Denture Health Care Centre in Barrie our team is here for you. For those who wish to once again feel confident with their teeth but do not wish to lose a day off work, we have expanded our office hours to include after our service from 6 pm until 11 pm.  So now you can take care of your health without losing a day from work.

Permanent Soft liners

Soft liners are a medical grade soft polymer that is added to the tissue side of a denture. It acts like a cushion for the underside of your denture.  Soft liners can be added to new or old dentures. This procedure is recommended in situations where there is large bone loss, typical in situations where the individual has been without their natural teeth for a fair amount of time or for those whose bite is strong causing excessive pressure and discomfort on the gums. The cushion quality of the material greatly improves comfort. At the Denture Health Care Centre in Barrie we only use the highest quality soft liner material.

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Emergency Repairs

From time to time, it is not uncommon for a denture to break. We do not recommend repairing your dentures yourself. Improperly repaired dentures with products like crazy glue, does not last and can cause serious adverse effects on your health. As well, attempting to repair a denture improperly can create a situation where a simple repair becomes more complicated or sometimes even un-repairable. It is understandable the anxiety that may arise with having a broken denture. At the Denture Health Care Centre, we are accessible during the day 7 days a week as well we have created an emergency on call service that runs between 6 Pm to 11 Pm, Mon through Sun.

Repairing a Denture

After Care

At the Denture Health Care Centre our commitment to our patients does not end at the door. We believe so strongly that your oral health is valuable for a continual healthy life that we offer our patients a free yearly checkup and complimentary denture cleaning for life. At this appointment our denturist will examine your mouth to make sure your mouth and gums are as healthy as the year before. The mouth is a very sensitive organ so it is vital to be proactive and avoid any possibility of the unwanted. They will also check the fit of your dentures. Taking the time to connect with our patients is also important for us so that we can address any concerns you may have.

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