Soft Liners in Oshawa

Count on The Denture Health Care Centre in Oshawa for total denture care! We have more than 2 decades’ worth of experience helping our patients lead healthy, active lives with dentures. We provide complete soft liner services to patients in Oshawa and throughout the surrounding area.

What Is a Soft Liner?

A permanent soft liner is a layer of material that is attached to the surface of a patient’s denture. A soft liner sits next to your oral tissues. A soft liner serves as a barrier between a denture’s rigid plastic base and your own gums. Soft liners can be part of the fabrication of completely new dentures or your Oshawa denturist can place them on your existing dentures.

Soft liners provide comfort for many patients. If you have any of the following, a soft liner could be the relief you’ve searched for:

  • Severely receded or nearly flat gum tissues that do not tolerate the presence of dentures
  • Consistently sore gum tissues
  • Prominent bony areas in your gums

The Benefits of Soft Liners

The team from The Denture Health Care Centre in Oshawa knows that soft liners can bring a wealth of comfort and relief to our patients. Many people will experience increased comfort and a greater ability to chew their food. Soft liners can be worn by nearly anyone. Soft liners have been used for decades and the technology used to create and place them has improved drastically.

Keep in Mind

If you wear soft liners, it’s important to remember that additional follow-up visits are required to examine the fit of your dentures, the health of your oral tissues. You should also let professionals clean your soft liners to ensure your oral health is preserved. The Denture Health Care Centre will work tirelessly to ensure that you understand how to care for your soft liners. With proper care and check-ups, your soft liners can last for years!