Immediate, Full & Partial Dentures in Oshawa

For 20 years and counting, patients in and around Oshawa have trusted The Denture Health Care Center for immediate, partial and full dentures. Our team combines extensive training with a commitment to your complete satisfaction to deliver outstanding results every time.

Immediate Dentures in Oshawa

Trust The Denture Health Care Centre in Oshawa for immediate denture care! Immediate denture technology will help keep you eating and speaking normally and living the life you’re used to. First, our team will take impressions of your mouth while your existing teeth are present. We will then craft a denture that resembles your natural teeth and make any necessary changes at this stage. Your natural teeth will be extracted and the immediate denture will be placed inside your mouth. Using immediate dentures will allow you to avoid living without teeth as you heal.

Partial Dentures in Oshawa

If you’re missing even a single tooth, a partial denture could be the perfect solution for you. The Denture Health Care Centre team will craft a removable partial denture that’s tailored to your specific mouth. You’ll look and feel great with partial dentures, which can help retain your natural appearance and help you chew well and speak clearly.

There are two basic types of partial dentures: those that are tooth-supported as well as tooth-and-tissue-supported. Your denturist will help explain the difference and choose the best version for your specific dental requirements.

Partial dentures can be constructed using several durable materials, including acrylics and metal/acrylic combinations. For temporary replacement of your missing teeth, The Denture Health Care Centre will often use acrylic partials. For permanent tooth replacement, your denturist will often use cast partials made of metal/acrylic materials. Using ultra-light yet incredibly strong compatible chrome cobalt alloy or titanium, cast partials can last for years!

Partial dentures won’t harm your remaining teeth. They can help prevent your existing teeth from shifting or drifting. For additional tooth and gum support, choose a partial denture!

It’s important to remember that partial dentures are designed to be removable. Patients with partial dentures should remove their dentures each night to help maintain their oral health. Advancements in the material, design and technology of partial dentures have made them more convenient than ever, so speak to a denturist today for more information!

Full Dentures in Oshawa

For more than 20 years, patients in Oshawa and throughout the region have counted on The Denture Health Care Centre for a wide range of dental care services, including full dentures. If you’ve lost most of your teeth in one or both of your jaw bones, full dentures may be perfect for you. Our team will keep any of your existing teeth for added stability.